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Duchess of Bedford's football team in Durban ?1945?

From left to right they are:
Back Row: Walsh, Dawson (Bosun), Humphries, Connor, Hardacre, Charles
Middle Row: Walker, Finnan, Larkin, Rodriguez
Front Row: Murphy, Hignett, Jennings

I was a deck boy, AB and Quartermaster on the Bedford from 1943 to 1946.
Picture supplied by Harry Hignett

Mr Hignett says: In 1944-1945 she sailed up the Shat-al-Arab a couple of times to berth in Basra and the team in the photograph played football there.

After Basra we sailed accross the Indian Ocean to Durban and played football there.

Most of the team were from the decking department but there were a couple from the engine room and catering. I was the youngest of the team at 16, so any surviving team members will now be over 85.

Please contact me if you recognise yourself or a relative and I will pass your message on to Mr Hignet