Red EnsignR.Smg. Morosini

I have searched the web for a u-boat being sunk or missing at or about the time and place the DUCHESS of Bedford was in on August 9th 1942.

She was 2 - 3 days out of Liverpool on her way to Boston and the Italian submarine Morosini was last known at 41° 00' N 33° 00' W heading for France.

The Bedford could do 18 knots and the Morosini 18 knots on the surface and 8 knots submerged. I am guessing both boats would zig zag as a matter of routine during their trip and this makes it quite conceivable that they came in close proximity at some time on the 9th August 1942

On August 5th, the Morosini informed base that it was in position 41° 00' N 33° 00' W and that it would reach base on the 10th at around 14.15.

On the 8th, it sent a confirmation signal to Betasom in reply to instructions for the approach to the Gironde.

At 23:00 of the 9th, Betasom sent another message informing the Morosini of the presence of a merchant ship and three German torpedo boats, but the submarine never confirmed receipt.

The boat never reached base and it was assumed that it had been lost between 8° 80' W and 3° 00' W after 14:50 of the 8th. Possibly it was sunk at night by a plane equipped with radar, but it has never been confirmed.


North Atlantic

Possible routes Duchess of Bedford - Yellow Morosini Red


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